• November Is Gratitude and Thanksgiving

    If you are gathering for Thanksgiving dinner, consider getting into the spirit with a basket filled with gratitude instead of flowers on your table. Hand out index cards and pens. Ask each person to write one thing for which they are grateful. When the basket is filled, go around again and still again until you have generated two or three grateful thoughts from everyone.

    As each person writes, watch eyes light up. At the end of the meal, pass the basket around so each person can take a card and read it aloud until all the gratitude has been shared.

    If you are alone for the holiday, do this for yourself. For husbands or lovers or boyfriends, write a note —instead of an e-mail or text — that says, “On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for you.” Even send a note to the guy who said he would rather watch a football game than meet your family. By expressing gratitude, we create our own Thanksgiving joy.

    Begin November by collecting joy.  Lily in the flowers at the Charlestown Navy Yard gives us many smiles.

  • Providence Journal

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