• The August Moon

    Lily Loves An August Sunset

    Native Americans believed that the sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were easily caught during the full August moon, as such, this is often called “The Great Sturgeon Moon.” The Farmer’s Almanac also says this was called the “Full Green Corn Moon.”  Both symbolize expectations.

    This year, after the August 7th full moon, there is another celestial moment, the total eclipse of the sun. With these events, consider the end of summer magic that can go hand in hand with love.  Look at the August moon and promise yourself to make some changes in your life. Dare to do something out of character. Free yourself of feelings of anxiety, or worry. Take a stand on clearing the path for love. Here is how.

    • Tell someone how you really feel about a relationship.
    • Let go of worn out friendships and relationships.
    • Break old patterns that hinder your happiness.
    • Take a chance on an out of character relationship.
    • Make a change – your hair, furniture, your office set up.
    • Take yourself yourself less seriously.
    • Be more forgiving of yourself and others.
    • Laugh at yourself.
    This month, explore the August legends and enjoy the sun, moon, and stars.
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