• October Means Smiles

    Lily should make you smile!

    It’s October and we have two happy holidays: In the first week, we have World Smile Day® and in the final week comes Halloween.  When the  artist who created the smiley face became concerned about its commercialization, he came up with the idea for a day of smiles and kind acts.

    The artist, Harvey Ball, is from Worcester, MA.  He created the smiley face in 1963 and in 1999, the first World Smile Day® was held in his hometown.

    In looking at the research on smiles recently, it seems that a particular type of smile, one that lights up the whole face, comes about through a set of facial muscles that may control our joy and destiny. Named for a French researcher, the “Duchenne smile” reveals relationship secrets.

    Those of us who grew up with older relatives always reminding us to stand up straight and smile might have inadvertently learned the secret to happiness, good relationships, and less stress.

    To visualize an image of the Duchenne smile, think of Julia Roberts and Mario Lopez, or the smiley face emoticon. The Duchenne smile uses facial and eye muscles to create that “you light up my life” look.

    Researchers tell us that smiles are contagious. Have a look at Lily, and I’m sure she will bring a smile to your face.

  • Providence Journal

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