Dune sex to British beach sex, a popular thrill

Posted on March 24, 2009
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In the world of love and marriage, couples often enjoy a bit of a thrill.  And one place that offered the excitement of beach sex took place in Provincetown, Mass.  

But it was reported this week that at least in the dunes public sex is down.  The dunes have been a popular place for gay, straight , and bisexual couples.  However, P-town is traditionally seen as a community that caters to those with gay lifestyles.

Regardless of sexual preference, according to the Cape Cod Times, Park Rangers issued “significantly fewer tickets to people for public sex acts last summer. The drop in tickets is due to a public education campaign waged by Seashore staff and a shortage of rangers, a park official said.”  Cape cod online.com 

Hmm, so maybe it’s not really down, but there are not enough rangers to issue tickets.

The story is this — last year tourists were angry about sex on the beaches and so the number of citations are said to have tripled.  Nonetheless, the National Seashore is a federal preserve where public sex is prohibited. Boston Herald.com

For those who like the thrill of sex in public, try the beaches in the UK.  Frankly it is always so chilly on UK beaches one has no choice but to hide under blankets to snuggle. This blogger offers 10 steps on beach sex. Ehow.com/how UK beaches Her last comment is quite important.  “Be respectful of police.” 

Really folks, when you are being presented with citations for challenging a rule, it’s a good time to eat humble pie and apologize.

My guy in Dubai tells me that the couple arrested for beach sex there, where it is most definitely against the law, the partners in “crime” mouthed off to the police.  Not a smart thing to do in a country in which it is even a crime to share living quarters if you are not married.

When I think of beach sex, the incurable romantic side of me says, “Wonderful.”  But frankly, I don’t like all that sand blowing around.  My hair frizzes at the seashore.  And who knows what the water will do to my hair color.  As such, when I want a beach sex romance,  I replay the scene “From here to eternity.”  It’s in my blog with a story about love and cheating. Is it just a kiss? 

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