In the News: Psychopaths, Interventions, and Love

Posted on November 30, 2016
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November 2016: Here is my new homepage.  The stories link to timely and compelling information.

Psychopaths, Interventions, and Love: Nov. 30, 2016: Today my story headed the first of “Today’s Essential Reads” on Psychology Today. Have a look at the new research on regret from Yale, the August study on intervention from Florida International University, and the neuroscientist, with early psychopathic tendencies, who affirms the value of a stable, loving home. Psychopaths Have Regrets: Can Early Help and Love Save Them?

Memoirs and a Children’s Book: Nov. 26, 2016: Some of us write memoirs, but Hugo the Huguenot, funded through Kickstarter, by Jennifer DuBois Bruntil, is a family history: Treasuring Memories Through Memoirs, Stories, or Videos –Psychology Today.

Election Recount: Nov. 25, 2016: For those of you angry with Jill Stein for what some have called “taking votes from Hillary”  read this from NBC. Green Party candidate Jill Stein raises millions for election recount

During Electioneering Ire, A Miracle Was Taking Place: Nov. 24, 2016: This is a heart-warming story that helped me turn off political news cold turkey. Miracle of Conjoined Twins Brings Gratitude After Election

Grateful Despite Election:  Nov. 22, 2016:  How can we find a way to be grateful about this election and move forward?  Here are 10 ways and one question.  Gratitude Despite the Election

Protecting Children is our Moral Responsibility:  Nov.21, 2016:  “The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children,” is highlighted in a Children’s Defense Fund report.  Are We Protecting Our Children?

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