Gratitude Despite the Election

Posted on November 22, 2016
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Boston:  Nov.  19, 2016: How can we find a way to be grateful about this election and move forward?

1. Be grateful for time to mourn. Let the seriousness of our nation’s precarious situation sink in.

2. Be grateful for Hillary Clinton. She showed us that a woman can run for president, win the popular vote, lose the election because of the antiquated Electoral College, and concede graciously.

3. Be grateful that we live in a country where we can protest. And be grateful to the   thousands of young people organizing to do so from schools and colleges and encouraging business professionals and professors to join them.  Allison Peryea, a law partner at Leahy Fjelstad Peryea in Seattle, spontaneously took to the streets in protest as she documented the “Pussy Grabs Back” in Above the Law. (2)

4. Be grateful that there is a mid-term election. Work now for change.

5. Be grateful that we have the American Civil Liberties Union to defend the people whose rights are at risk.

6. Be grateful that we live in a nation enriched by diversity.  Do we show love and perform random acts of kindness to our neighbors or strangers often enough?

7. Be grateful for charitable organizations such as those that help young people learn to read and stay in school. Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood, which supports women, is at risk.

8.  Be grateful for environmentalists who are educating us about the need to protect our planet. We are threatened by a president-elect and his cronies who do not believe in climate change.

9. Be grateful to President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. They are role models who behaved with dignity in the face of Trumpian bullying, insults, and innuendos.

10. Be grateful that you have the power to re-wire your brain for gratitude. Loretta Graziano Breuning, Ph.D., taught us that we simply need to spend three minutes a day or one minute three times a day for 45 days to build a positive pathway. Read how in my talk with her in “Train Your Brain for Gratitude.” (3)

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