Why Men Cheat

Posted on August 12, 2008
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Men and women may cheat because they are angry, hurt, disenchanted, or feeling unloved. Here are reasons that men cheat.

Kevin Haynes for LifeScript gives six reasons: Her looks changed.  She’s become a ball buster.  He wants thrills.  He has the wanderlust. It’s the monogamy problem.  It’s just about sex. Six Reasons Men Cheat

“The Affairs of Men” by Phillip Weiss in New York magazine asks a  key question — “Is monogamy outdated?” The article is good and interesting reading.  The Affairs of Men

Why people cheat: Rhonda Fine, PhD, a clinical sexologist and diplomate of The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists says, “There are a variety of reasons why people cheat, and it’s not always about the sex. People cheat because they’re selfish, immature or narcissistic. Or they’re excitement junkies and attracted to the drama. They put their needs ahead of others and rarely blame themselves why they cheated in the first place.” To find out more go to Cheating Facts and Myths on AOL

Cheating may not necessarily be the end of a relationship — it may be the wake up call.  The research shows that a partner who cheats often needs companionship more than sex. WebMD: Nipping an Affair in the Bud

Madonna and Sex Siren: In answer to the boredom problem, my hairdresser may have the answer to keep men from straying.  “All men secretly desire a Madonna to the world and a sex siren in the bedroom.  They want variety.  And if we want to keep them from straying, we should play whatever role suits their fancy.”  

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