Spirituality: The body and soul of ballet, ProJo

R.I. dancer explores the body and soul of spirituality Published on 16 December 2013 n talking about the spirituality of ballet with Jennifer Ricci of Johnston, who has been dancing since age 4, she relates the story of two fellow members of Festival Ballet Providence. In a recent performance of “The Pieta,” husband and wife […]

Obtaining good-quality care for the elderly is critical, ProJo

Rita Watson: Obtaining good-quality care for the elderly is critical Published on 25 November 2013 rsing home directors often tout “patient choice.” However, it is unlikely that anyone ever knocked on their doors asking, “May I give up my home and come live here?” People prefer to age in place. Yet this option can be […]

Spirituality of Music: Jesse Holstein

I first met violinist Jesse Holstein through an auction to support the Providence Athenaeum; he would play at a small musical salon for the highest bidder. I kept raising my hand as the bidding escalated, before joining forces with an Athenaeum board member. Just as the auctioneer finished the words, “Do I hear …,” we […]

The spirituality of non-violence, ProJo

Nonviolence is a form of spirituality  Spirituality takes many forms in people’s lives. Teny Oded Gross, executive director of the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence, finds spirituality in working with young people who had been members of gangs. “We are surrounded by spirituality and beauty if we allow ourselves to see it,” […]

How to help children overcome tantrums, Projo

Rita Watson: Help children overcome tantrums … Published on 31 March 2014 We have all witnessed a child’s tantrum in a supermarket, pharmacy, or even walking along the street. It might be over a candy bar, a toy, wanting to get out of the stroller, or just wanting to go home. What is a parent to […]

Spirituality: Professor teaches practice of gratitude, ProJo

Rita Watson: Salve Regina professor teaches gratitude Published on 24 February 2014 Gratitude has been in the health news because of scientific research looking at ways one might behave in a grateful manner, even if we are not feeling grateful. Paula Martasian, Ph.D., has been teaching a course on gratitude for close to seven years […]

Ways to chase away the winter blues, ProJo

Rita Watson: Ways to chase away the winter blues March 25, 2014 For a winter that does not want to leave, the reality of seasonal affective disorder, and the blues that many feel after Valentine’s Day, it may be time for a pair of rose-colored glasses. A Twitter follower, author and Atlanta teacher Lisa Arends, […]

Spirituality: Exploring links between spiritual and mental health

Rita Watson: Exploring the links between spiritual and mental health Published on 13 January 2014 e marriage between medicine and spirituality is centuries old. Prayer and healing were entwined in the Temple of Asclepius, built in the fourth century for those seeking to improve their health and well-being. While new studies are being conducted today to […]

When caregivers need care, ProJo

Rita Watson: When caregivers need care, too Published on 06 January 2014 egiving is becoming a part of the fabric of our society, interwoven with family members, nursing professionals and hospice workers. It is estimated that some 31 percent of all households in this country are taking care of a family member who is ill, […]

Spirituality in Folk Art

Jeanne Marie Carley, author of “The Folk Art of Cape Cod,” by Schiffer Publishing Co., says that the hard-working people of the 1700s and 1800s, though often facing harsh times, “left us a legacy of treasures including schoolgirl samplers, wooden decoys, whirligigs, weathervanes and many portraits of sea captains, their wives and children done by […]

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