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Lingering Gratitude: Nonna’s Young Lover and Your Memoir 6 Science-based Tips for Lifelong Love Music, Emotions, and Pleasure Intermingle to Create Joy 22 Valentine Tips for Friends, Sweethearts, and Strangers “Master Thieves” Author Talks Gratitude and Art Love Researchers Pinpoint Happily-Ever-After Secrets Star Wars Resilience: Overcoming Adversity Break Up Blues: 13 Thoughts to Help You […]

Doonesbury Takes on Abortion Politics for Women’s Health

While I could have happily been barefoot and pregnant most of my life, for many women that is not the case.  Roe v Wade has saved lives and thousands of women are grateful.  Nonetheless there is always a movement afoot that confuses politics and religion and tries legislating morals.  Even worse,  in Texas they have […]

Falling Out of Love, Divorce, and Infidelity: When The Rx Is Gratitude

Has the Prince Charming fantasy fueled unreasonable love expectations?  This from my blog. Gratitude may be an infidelity and divorce stopper. Lingering gratitude might well be the antidote for “falling out of love.”  The syndrome generally means that “the fire has fizzled and the passion is over.”  The problem is apparently so serious that […]