• January 2018

    Did I really miss the Fireworks?

    If you are a repeat offender when it comes to breaking New Year resolutions, simply stop making them. Instead, try embracing acceptance, gratitude, and happiness. In doing so you can turn 2018 into the year in which you became more loving of yourself; more forgiving of those who annoy you; and more gracious towards those you care about.

    Embrace acceptance while working towards whatever it is you wish to achieve in 2018. In America, a top goal for the New Year is to lose weight. If losing weight is your goal, instead of fretting or obsessing about it, be thankful for good food. Then follow the advice a resident once offered to me. He said,If you’re worried about your weight, the best exercise is to push yourself away from the table at dessert time.”

    Embrace gratitude instead of grumbling or complaining about annoyances. Express gratitude for all of the people in your life and become a listener. First listen to your inner voice and ask yourself why it is that the habits of certain people annoy you. The late Professor Christopher Peterson had this to say about a book called Annoying It seems that they speculated thatthose who are frequently annoyed may themselves be frequently annoying.

    Oftentimes aggravating people show us our own shadow side. When you begin expressing gratitude you become more tolerant of those who are thorns in your side. Part of a gratitude exercise is being grateful for yourself. Be aware of your shortcomings, acknowledge them, and then look for ways to take a positive turn.

    Embrace happiness and make a happiness plan. Go to activities that bring you joy. Write to children or grandchildren. Plant a flower. Paint a picture. Read a book that is uplifting. Go to the museum. Think of something you wish you could do in 2018 and find someone to help you achieve that goal.

    Keep in mind that acceptance, gratitude, and happiness are attainable. Simply make the decision to do so even if it means reinventing yourself.

  • Providence Journal

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