• It’s Hearts and Flowers Month, 2018

    Lily and her Valentine Love

    A Valentine Fairy Godmother

    I grew up wishing to become the Valentine’s Day Fairy Godmother. I am incurable romantic. As a teenager my aunt taught us to think “Love.” She told us to wear silk nightgowns, a strand of pearls, and a splash of Joy perfume to bed each night saying, “You never know who you will meet in your dreams.”

    So I decided that when I grew up, I would become the Valentine Fairy Godmother, sprinkling hearts and flowers on all of the roads and streets. I will declare a day to rewrite the book of love and forgiveness, create a memory, encourage gratitude even when it is difficult to do so, and send good wishes to young people, who are so much a part of happiness.

    The tradition of Valentine’s Day cards and gifts dates back to the 1500’s, when young people in France and England gathered around a box in the village square to draw the name of the one person who would be their love for the year.

    It may even be that simple. Most of us forget that the way to be loved is to give love to those around us. Follow the advice of the man who wrote a book titled Love, Leo Buscaglia. He always reminded us to take a chance and tell people we love them – children, parents, friends. Give yourself the gift of love and forgive someone who has hurt you instead of remaining wounded.

    Find ways to show a no-strings-attached love to family, to friends, even to strangers. Look at the world through the eyes of a child before that child learns anger or hate. As the Valentine Fairy Godmother, I will sprinkle happiness dust into the air so that we can all see loving and forgiving in a new way — through the eyes of a child, the unconditional way of gratitude.

    Copyright 2018 Rita Watson 
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